Beaver Leaders


All our Beaver leaders are volunteers who are dedicated to seeing young children develop social and life skills, independence and a love for the outdoors. The group is led by Hawkeye.

Leader Profile

Name: Carolyn Newbery

Leader Name: Hawkeye

Role: Beaver Scout Leader 18th Maidenhead & District Beaver Scout Leader - Maidenhead

Leader Experience: Joined 18th Maidenhead in September 1992, as Beaver Scout Leader. Highest Scouting Award - Silver Acorn

I have at various times held Group Scout Leader - Acting and District coordinator roles, when Group has not had a Group Scout Leader and District no Assistant District Commissioner for Beavers.

What I like most about scouting: Apart from all the wonderful people I have met also enjoy seeing Beaver Scouts grow into valued members of their community.  Since introduction of Young Leader Scheme 4 of my Beaver Scouts have gone on to become Young Leaders with the Group, 2 continued after 18 yrs within the Group for as long as they were able before going to university, the other 2 are about to turn 18 yrs and also have expressed an interest in remaining as part of the Leadership team.


Name: Merri Richards

Leader Name: Rainbow

Role: Assistant Beaver Leader 18th Maidenhead

Leader Experience: I have been in scouting all my life, with my father once the cub leader and then joining the group as a beaver. Although I left after cubs, I came back as a Young Leader a year later and have been with the group since.

What I like most about scouting: what I find I like the most about scouting is the community and that you get the chance to meet new people.

The 18th Maidenhead Beavers group has been running for over 30 years and runs on monday evenings at 5:30 - 6.30pm. For more information on how to join us, please go to our Contacts page.



The  Beaver Christmas party was held at Jump In in Slough on 12th December. Great fun was had by everyone. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all Happy New Year!

Autumn Term Program


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